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Value Proposition

Increasingly important for 6 and 7 figure executives, the Value Proposition is a highly professional showcase of your major achievements, projects and/or significant case studies, each illustrated with metrics (%, $, £ etc), images, graphs, charts, and tables etc. as required and containing details of other specific examples of your proudest moments.                                                 


Not just for job seekers, many Senior Executives use a Value Proposition statement to present examples of their work in an eye-catching and extremely professional format.  

Here at Global CV Group we know how to present your projects and other case studies in a way that gets them noticed. Each individual achievement, project or case study is portrayed in detail with a narrative description accompanied by graphic illustrations such as images, if appropriate, or graphs, charts and tables.

Our writers are experts at the best way to prepare an effective Value Proposition that showcases major projects or achievements.  

We develop a highly professional portfolio of your greatest projects, case studies or proudest achievements to enable you to present them in a graphic way to interested parties such as prospective or current clients, potential employers etc.

Value Proposition  

• Graphic presentation of projects and achievements with narrative descriptions

• Up to 5 examples showcased in detail with images, graphs, charts etc

• Consultation to establish useful background details and objectives

• Word and PDF file 

Price = £195 

Order your Value Proposition online. 

or add it to your order on the Online Order and Payment page

Send us a copy of any documents you would like us to use as a starting point and one of our consultants will contact you to confirm your instruction and clarify details.

Value Proposition


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