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The Ultimate Executive Career Portfolio

When considering your next opportunity many situations present themselves, each requiring a different approach; if your only available response is to send your standard CV / resume then you will quickly run out of options.         

It is for this reason that we have developed the The Ultimate Executive Career Portfolio – a comprehensive package of powerful career collateral, professionally written to support your goals, reflect your personal branding and enable you to present yourself robustly in every situation - job hunting, business development, networking, broadcast, publication, and many others.  

Each document is meticulously prepared with varying quantities of detail to suit specific situations and targeted towards particular audiences.  

The package consists of: 

  • Executive Bio – a streamlined professional biography presenting your credentials in a one page high-level overview of what you have to offer - essential for speaking engagements, networking, press releases, conference programs etc.
  • Short form CV/Resume – a concise document outlining key strengths/core competencies as well as a précised career history including selected achievements
  • Detailed CV/Resume – longer and far more detailed containing full (but not exhaustive) role descriptions, a selection of illustrative personal achievements, specific outline examples of projects etc.
  • Premier LinkedIn optimization service – take full advantage of the excellent networking opportunities this powerful social media site has to offer
  • Full Personal Branding - branding of each element across the portfolio to deliver a consistent message to your target audience
  • Professional Value Proposition OR Project Portfolio – professional showcase of major achievements, projects and/or significant case studies, each illustrated with images, graphs, charts, tables etc. as required and containing details of other specific examples
  • Cover Letter – Professionally written letter to accompany the CV/resume in any application
  • ELITE 5* PRIORITY SERVICE - Our "Rock Star" service enabling you to expedite the work in your own specified time frame - you dictate the pace (subject to Consultant availability)
  • Interview Coaching - Four stage interactive package taking you from preparation for the interview to structuring, practising and polishing your performance on the day, including a mock interview and full written feedback

Cost if ordered individually = £1870

Package price = £1595 representing a saving of £275

The Ultimate C-Suite Executive Career Portfolio


Once you have placed your order please send us a copy of the CV or resume you would like us to use as a starting point

By completing an order you confirm that you have read and agree to our Terms of Business. 

Email: Phone: +44 7719 348 322

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