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We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and are proud to show you what some of our customers have said about us recently:

"I have studied your work on creating my new CV - and I have to tell you: I am really impressed! you exceeded my expectations... I very much liked the idea of placing the logos of the companies under the career history as it adds color to the CV. Great work Marcus! Cheers "

HK - Guatemala - CEO - Power Generation

"Marcus, thank you very much. I am really satisfied with your delivery.

Thank you again, I have already recommended you with some colleagues. Hopefully you get some new clients very soon ."

CK - Cancun - CEO - Travel

"Thanks for the support :-) and thank you for your help in making my CV look very professional and informative, I'm really happy with the results and to share with future prospective employers.

Will make sure I pass on your details to any friends and colleagues who are looking to update their CV's in the future. "

JM - London - Global Brand Director - Fashion

"Thank you very much for such professional work and indeed it is significantly improved version as first draft. You are the Expert! Thanks again for the quality work and I will introduce you to some of my colleagues as well "

ZM -- Saudi Arabia - Finance Director - Logistics

"Marcus, thanks so much! This is an incredible result! I like everything: the Profile, the new skills summary, the “earlier career” section which makes tahe Career History section less lengthy, all the restructuring around key skills and strengths. My CV is now Excellent "

DB - London - Chief Legal Officer - Commodities

"Thank you very much! I really like what you have done with the CV. Thank you again for your help. "

GS - Florida - Global Procurement Head - Electrical

"Many thanks and much appreciated. I think this a great CV and you have summarized my career very well. It’s readable, succinct and punchy. I think the additional space works well and the profile easier to absorb. I‘m happy to call this the final version. Many thanks for the great work! "

SB - London - COO - Oil Production

"Many thanks for a good job done! It was a pleasure to work with you. Definitely I'll recommend you to my colleagues and friends! "

AS - Singapore - Chief Risk Officer - Banking

"Thanks a lot for your work! It is really a big step forward compared to my initial CV. "

NB - Italy - Group CFO - Automotive Financial Services

"Thanks for all the support! I really think the end result of my CV and LinkedIn profile are excellent! The cover letter is fantastic!

I will spread the word around "

JV - Mexico - CEO - $2bn Oil & Gas company

"I have worked with Marcus around how to better sell my skills on a CV. Previous CVs produced very little in terms of interest from agencies and employers. Marcus's unique way of teasing out the right information and highlighting the good stuff is second to none. Since working with him I have had an unprecedented amount of interest in my CV by employers and agencies. I found Marcus respectful and patient plus easy to work with. I would recommend to anyone wanting that extra professionalism to their CV or Linked Profile to contact Marcus now. You won't regret it. "

MJ - London - Project and Program Manager - Local Authority

"The rework and style of writing is certainly much more engaging and professional. Thank you for the good work and timely response, Marcus! "a

SL - San Fransisco - Director of Business Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions - Telecoms

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