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Are you ready for life

after lockdown ends?

(Updated May 18, 2020)

a It is now commonly accepted that most countries are now entering a period of recession, with discussions ongoing about how severe it will be, how long it will last, and how best to re-open economies that have been deliberately shut down. 

With lockdowns being eased and businesses eager to start generating revenue again, opportunities are beginning to emerge for those that are prepared and ready to embrace them.

So what should we do?

As you know, we write CVs and resumes for top executives and over the last week to 10 days we have been approached by a number of forward thinking people asking me to polish up their portfolios of career documents (short and long versions of their CV / resume, up-to-date Bio, updated and properly optimized LinkedIn profile etc) so that they are fully prepared to act quickly when lockdowns are eased and opportunities appear.

Although from a variety of industries - oil & gas, finance & banking, hospitality, FinTech, to name but a few - all these Senior Executives have one thing in common: they are focussed on the future and are prepared to invest the resources they have now in protecting their career, thereby giving themselves a distinct advantage.

As I frequently say, the best time to do this is when things are quiet and you still have the time and resources to invest rather than wait until your back is against the wall and the pressure is really on.

When they have sent me their CV / resume for the free assessment I have been surprised at just how out of shape many of their existing documents have been, with no achievements listed for their roles, no clear showcasing of key skills, and sometimes even no contact details!

Some have clearly not read any of my posts about what makes a powerful and impactful CV or resume, such as the one below that I wrote for LinkedIn.

Others have, but have wisely decided to commission me to do it for them so that their time can be spent doing what they do best while I do what I do best.

So I hope that the more positive commentators on our economic destiny are right and that the impending turmoil is short term, but if they turn out to have been over-optimistic at least my clients will be ahead of the game and able to deliver a strong and compelling application as soon as it is needed.

How good is yours?

Before you send it to anyone get your CV/resume checked by a third party - ideally not a family member who might tell you what they think you want to hear but someone who can be unbiased and constructively critical.

If you like, and you are in a Senior Executive role, send it to me and I will give you my professional opinion on whether it gives enough compelling reasons why you should be interviewed, or whether you will never hear from that prospective employer again. (Use this email address

If you are a top-notch Senior Executive but not good at selling yourself on paper, a professional writer of Senior Executive and C-Level resumes and CVs will be able to transform yours and make it shine, meaning you will be much more likely to get interviews for the roles you want.

Give yourself the competitive edge.

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